Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcome to Stylishly Sierra!

Hello everyone! 

I'm Sierra, 17 year old girl from the Midwest of the United States. From early childhood until now, I have loved anything related to fashion, makeup, and hair. Many people have told me that I should make a blog, so  I have decided to make one! This blog will focus on fashion, beauty, D.I.Y. things, and whatever else I feel like posting. I am very excited to start this blogging journey! (:

Au revoir, 


  1. Yay, another new blogger! I haven't been blogging for long either, I followed you! would love it if you followed me back? my blog is lifestyle, I often post about fashion/beauty too! great blog so far by the way!

    - Hannah x

    1. Hello lovely! Thank you for the nice comment. (: I tried to go to your blog but it says 'blog has been removed'. :( Hope that I can follow your blog soon! (: xx

    2. I deleted that blog, that's probably why, check out my new one if you like :) x