Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fashion Lusts: 1st week of June

I am going to be doing a segment weekly on here called 'Fashion Lusts'.
Here is the first one! (:
Fashion lusts: 1st week of June

Flower Crowns - I must make one of these, I think they are absolutely
beautiful and very interesting!
Denim Dungaree Dresses - These remind me of my childhood during
the 90' them!
Bowler Hats - I always see photos of girls wearing these and I think they
are pretty cool.
Statement T-Shirts - I know these have pretty much been worn into the
ground, but I still don't own one! I love the one's that say Rad, Geek, Dweeb,
or anything else quirky.
Skater Dresses - Always cute. Especially the one above, which has daisies on
it. Daisies make everything prettier.
Round Sunglasses - So 60's, but so right. Gotta love them.
Chelsea Boots - I love how simple these are, yet really cool. They are so
versatile, my kinda shoe.

Au revoir,


  1. Lovee the daisy dress!! :) Haha check out my channel if you like :)Have an awesome Sunday!!
    Penny Rose

    1. I love it as well! I followed your blog. (: xx

  2. Do you have twitter?

    1. Here's my twitter! (: xx