Friday, June 7, 2013

Fashion Lusts: 7th of June

Fashion lusts: 8th of June

Sassy Graphic Tees - I've always been pretty sassy, so I absolutely adore these
sarcastic, funny, graphic tees. 
Dr. Martens - I've been eyeing up Dr. Martens for over a year now..but I can never
bring myself to splurge on them. The floral ones above are so cool.
Bow Headwraps - I love how these can add to an outfit...Plus they are
super cute!
Céline Tee - These are really popular at the moment, and of course I love them,
 since I am a huge Francophile. ;)
Leather/Pleather Backpacks - LOVE LOVE LOVE..especially this one with
Union Jack.
Topshop's Daisy Cami - Not much to say, other than I am loving how daisies are
back in style. I always wore them when I was little.
Pleather Skater Skirt - So versatile, so chic.
Rose Gold Chain Necklace - Very simple and goes with everything. I love how
these can instantly add style to any outfit. 
Thigh/Knee High socks - Sometimes I don't want to bare my legs with some dresses
or skirts, so these are a great way to spice up a simple dress.
Creepers - I know these are very popular in the UK, but I have yet to see them
transfer into the American trends..and that upsets me! I love how chunky they are
and a bit 'punky' and very 90's.
Lazy Oaf's Mr Mrs Repeat Dress - reminds me of Disney..and who doesn't love
Disney?! Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix had this dress on when I met her and I asked
 her where she bought it because it's so cool. 

Au revoir,


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    1. Me too, I might have to order it because it's just perfect! (: x

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