Tuesday, June 4, 2013

OOTD: Spread Your Wings My Little Butterfly

Hello Lovelies! So here is my outfit of the day. I went to a Little Mix concert with my best friend, Liz. It was very hot, so I wanted to wear something simple, yet still somewhat cute.

Top: Polka Dot Triple Collared shirt - I've owned it for awhile, I don't remember where I bought it

Shorts: Vintage jeans, Thrifted, and then I cut them into shorts.

Shoes: Madden Girl Studded Toe Oxfords

(I later decided to wear sandals to the actual concert, the oxfords were too hot!)

And finally, a cheesy photo of myself holding out butterfly wings, a nod towards my next post...Photos from the Little Mix concert/meet-and-greet. (: xx

Au revoir, 


  1. wow!! you look gorgeous!!looove the outfit.. i'm following you now!! i have a new post up if you have a sec, i'd love to know what you think! xx


    1. Aw, Thank you sweetie. I have followed your blog, It's so nice!! (: x