Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Never-Ending Journey: Also Known as My Many Hair Changes

*Warning this could be really long haha*

I have decided to make a post to show you all the many various hair colors/cuts that I have had.
I would love to know your opinions of what looks best/suits me.

Mainly Blonde - Oh the lovely days of 8th grade, I had such nice eyeliner...can you detect my sarcasm? haha. (: At this point, I really began to change my hair drastically. I had all over highlights, side fringe bangs, and hair slightly past my shoulders.

Red Brown - Also in 8th grade, I lost my tan and also lost my desire to stay blonde. I had my lovely mum dye my hair a red-ish brown and let my fringe grow.

Scattered Blonde - After having brown hair for about 3 months, it started to fade to orange..So I had my mum call and schedule an appointment immediately. I went back to blonde, but more scattered throughout my hair. I also cut quite a bit of length off. 

Face Framing Highlights -  During Freshman year, I had blonde highlights, but only framing my face.

All Blonde - Going into Sophomore year, I had all blonde hair with side swept fringe. I spent time in Florida where the sun decided to bleach my hair mainly blonde. 

Brown - I had my mum randomly dye my hair one day. I also got face framing layers. I loved this color, but it faded very quickly.. which prompted the next hair color..

Black - I dyed my hair around my 16th birthday, so winter of sophomore year. I got a lot of compliments on this color, but I felt insecure about how pale it made me look.

Short Layers with Caramel - Towards the end of Sophomore year, I decided to bleach my hair again. I also cut quite a lot off length wise and got some major fringe.

Long Bangs, Ombré-ish color - I let my bangs grow out as well as my highlights. I began to wear a middle parting also. This may be one of my favorite hairstyles I've had. 

Red and Blonde - And my love for red begins... At the beginning of my junior year, I got red added into my blonde and brown. I also went through a bit of a hipster phase clearly.. haha

Red - Yep. I begged for this color, and I loved it dearly..but it faded far too quickly.

Brown and Bangs - Winter of junior year, I dyed my hair brown because I couldn't keep up with the red. I also had my mum cut a full set of fringe.

Caramel and Blonde - And here is my current hair! I'm trying to let my fringe grow, and it is such a long process that I'm going crazy. 


And we've come to a stop! Well, for now. I would love to know what hair you guys think suits me best. 
If you read this whole post, You're amazing because I know that it's going to be super long..haha (:

Thanks lovelies!

Au revoir, 


  1. Love the 6th picture down, the brown hair with the side swept fringe/bangs. Looks so gorgeous! I think that suits you best!

    Hannah x

    1. Thank you lovely. That is actually the color closest to my natural color! (: x

    2. Awesome! I'm the same when it comes to changing hair colours, I have a dark ash blonde colour atm, I used to have platinum blonde, I'm trying to grow my natural hair colour back but its a waiting game! getting impatient! oh, us girls :') x

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  3. I loveeee the dark brown :)


  4. I love the dark brown, it looks so lovely on you but I also think your current color is gorgeous!