Monday, July 22, 2013

How I Style: Skater Skirts

Hello Lovelies! I wanted to try a different type of post today, so here is a 'How I Style'
that I hope you will all enjoy! 

Skater skirts have been all the rage this summer, and I absolutely love them! With a basic feminine
shape, they are incredibly versatile and fun to style. I have seen so many different prints and colors out on the market. Another positive thing: They look lovely on everyone!

The Skirts
The most important element: The skirt of course!!

While shopping for skater skirts, remember to look for a nice, durable skirt with subtle pleating. 
A really well made skater skirt should be either a thicker material. If you find a skater skirt that you just have to buy that isn't a thick material, that's completely okay! I have just found that the thicker skirts look nicer on me, but it may be the opposite for you! 

Topshop, Forever 21, and H&M have really nice skater skirts in all sorts of colors and prints!

Now, here are some outfits featuring skater skirts!

Skater Skirt Outfit #1

Outfit #1: Daisy Casual

This is a really casual outfit. I absolutely love the 'muscle' tanks with the flowy, feminine silhouette of
a skater skirt. I would style the clothing with a simply daisy floral crown, high top converse, flower earrings,
and a fun neon bag. I think the neon bag really adds a nice pop of color to a monochrome outfit.

Skater Skirt Outfit #3

Outfit #2: Geek Chic

I think that collared shirts are soooo cute with skater skirts. I think the pairing gives a very 'classic'
50's geek inspired vibe. I would keep all the accessories monochrome...and how adorable are those saddle
shoes?! I need them in my life! haha (:

Skater Skirt Outfit #3

Outfit #3: Dressy Rose 

This outfit is quite simple, with a dressy twist. The skirt and top could look like a really unique dress... I think the bright pink skirt paired with a tight black top is unexpected. I would wear nice black wedge shoes, a dainty ring, and a bag with a pattern to spice the outfit up!


Well I hope you guys liked today's 'different' post! I liked picking out different elements and putting
 them together. (:

How do you style skater skirts?

Au revoir,


  1. LOVE the monochrome of the 'Geek Chic' set! These are put together so well, great styling choices!

    Sinéad xo | fabuleuse, toujours ♥

  2. You have a wonderful sense of style, I love each one of the outfits!
    Becky xoxo

  3. Great Ideas my fav are the nr. 2 :-)
    When you want we can follow each
    other, let me know i would be happy!

    xoxo from Swiss, Kira