Friday, July 19, 2013

Lifestyle Post: My Favorite Apps for iPhones

Hello lovelies! Apologies for the lack of posts lately..I must admit I have been lacking inspiration.
I want to do more than just outfits of the day or show you my face du jour. I've taken a couple days to 
find some much needed inspiration and I'm back! 

I consider my blog readers my friends, and I always share with my friends! So today I'm going to share 
my favorite iPhone apps with you. I'll divide the apps into categories so you can just look into which apps you are interested in! I will also insert a screenshot of what the app looks like in the App Store
so you can easily find an app if it appeals to you! (:


My personal favorite! I'm all about cute photographs for my social media (aka Insta!).
I'm always searching for cool new apps to spice up my photos.

VSCO Cam: This is one of my all-time favorite apps. It is widely used by the 'Instagram famous'
and can make your photos look really vintage or moody. My favorite filters on are F2, T1, and X1. You 
can capture several photos in a row, even when your regular camera says that your storage is full.

Typic Pro: This is a really fun app that lets you express your creativity. You can add many shapes
 and sayings to your photos. I love all of the fonts that the app offers as well! 

PicsArt Photo Studio: Such a versatile app! It's almost like a mini Photoshop for your phone. I love 
the faux bokeh masks. 

Osmo Leaker Free: This app makes your photographs look AMAZING. The light leaks 
are so realistic looking, almost as if you took the photo on a vintage camera! 

Papelook: I always see photos on Instagram (mainly Meghan Rosette, her's are amazing!) where the person creates a collage along with a photo...and I am obsessed. I finally found a collage app that is extremely easy to work with. This app is perfect! 


It seems like most people adore the social media apps..
but I really only use a few of them!


Instagram: Oh my love, Insta. I have a slight addiction to this app...I think everyone does! It's 
really the only social media app I use on a daily basis.


*ahhhhh* love love love love

Tumbletail Lite: The best tumblr app I've used, other than you cannot see your messages in the 'lite'
version. I'm sure that the full version lets you have access to them. Also, you can sign into multiple tumblr 
accounts with this app, so convenient!


Who doesn't like music?! I have tried out sooo many music apps, but 
I can't stop listening to one in particular!

8tracks: This app contains playlists made by fellow music lovers. The explore tab is great because you can just select a type of music that you enjoy, and 8tracks will pull up playlists for you to choose from. I love the indie and French sections. I also use this app to create my 'Monthly Music' playlists!

Okay well there you go, my favorite apps! (:

What are some apps you are loving? Do you have any suggestions for me? 

Au revoir,


  1. your makeup is beautiful in the first image
    love Rachael

  2. I love VSCO Cam!! A Beautiful Mess app is great to you should check it out if you haven't yet :)

  3. This has been so helpful! Thanks so much Sierra! :D

  4. This is a great app- I'm always looking for new apps!
    Nature With Nurture