Thursday, July 25, 2013

Outfit of the Day and Follow Me Around Indianapolis

Hello lovelies! As my summer break is coming to an end, I've decided to make the most of my
 remaining free time. I'm sure you have noticed my love for cities..I just can't help myself! The city environment is so lively and inviting. I love the bustling streets and colorful people. 

Top - Forever 21
Shorts - American Eagle 
Necklace - World Market
Wedges - Kohl's
Handbag - Aldo

Hair & Makeup : 2nd day curls because I really didn't want to deal with doing my hair, whoops! haha
I just wore some natural eyeshadow with winged eyeliner and a pinky-nude lipstick.

My mum recently told me about an organic burger restaurant that recently opened in Indianapolis. We
decided to just go and try it out and we fell in love! Punch Burger is absolutely amazing!

They have sooo many options, which can be overwhelming. I decided to try the Aloha Burger...

Oh my...can you say delicious?! The food was so yummy and great quality. I highly recommend Punch
Burger to anyone who ever visits Indianapolis!

Next, we decided to 'walk our food off' at the circle. The circle is such a beautiful, striking place. 
I was so inspired by the buildings. I especially loved the Circle Tower because the gold building was
 glistening in the sun. I just had to try to capture the beauty.

After walking for a couple hours and browsing shops, I was craving Starbucks. A caramel macchiato was calling my name! ;)

Right down the street from Starbucks sat an amazing sweet shop called Rocket Fizz. This was the 
coolest store; they had every candy and soda imaginable! They also had really cool stand-up figures and 
posters for people to take photos with. 

Oh my my my! They even had candy straight from the Harry Potter films. I was dying to try the Chocolate Frogs, but I told myself no because I had already splurged enough on the burger and Starbucks!

Have you ever been to Indianapolis or been on any unexpected adventures recently? (:

Au revoir, 


  1. Food looks so yummy! I really love these shoes by the way. :)
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

  2. That top is so pretty on you! Plus your hamburger looks amazing, now I am craving one haha ;)

  3. Love your outfit! & starbucks is just amazing, I'm craving one now!
    Chloe Xx

    1. Thank you! and Starbucks is my weakness!! x