Friday, August 16, 2013

Outfit Of The Day(s) & Follow Me Around Gen Con 2013

Hello lovelies! How are you all doing?

So this weekend is Gen Con weekend! Indianapolis hosts Gen Con annually, and being the
 happy little nerd that I am, I had to check it out. I took some outfit of the day photos while downtown
 as well, so I will include those!

Gen Con is one of America's largest gaming conventions. It features any kind of game, ranging from
board games to video games. The convention draws in thousands upon thousands of people, 
and many show up in costumes (better known as cosplay). I tried to capture the amazing costumes
to show you guys, I think you'll find them very intriguing! I want to include as many as possible 
because I am fascinated by them.

 photo 8ec91ffd-4429-4fe7-8d60-5d9ee5340fca_zps3e84e82f.jpg
 photo fc2bcb7c-f530-4554-a2e9-5f8a70c494fc_zps75ecdece.jpg

Day 1 Outfit
Striped Top - Old Navy 
Denim Button Up - Wallflower
Cross Necklace - Charlotte Russe
Shorts - DIY Levi's
Boots - Target

 photo b7ac8378-060f-4c72-b826-42d59f1ab1f3_zpseda10455.jpg  photo 66f440f9-efb8-4473-97a5-fe1f4827571d_zps475973e0.jpg

Day 2 Outfit:

Marvel Girls T Shirt - Target
Circle Skirt -  Topshop
Tennis Shoes - Target
Handbag - Coach

I did not participate in the cosplay this year unfortunately...but I really hope to in the future!
I'd love to go as Sailor Moon, Rainbow Bright, or a Powerpuff Girl because I absolutely loved those
 shows as a child (actually I still love them, not ashamed!). I also like the idea of being a female superhero like Wonder Woman or a character from Dr. Who or Princess Leia from Star Wars! I'm really undecided if you can't tell..but at least I've got about a year to decide on a character.

 photo e476f576-2469-467c-82fa-50f3548f4a48_zps6cd749cf.jpg

 photo ee3eb105-2406-4699-ad2f-53ac86556534_zpscd7e08b3.jpg

At first, I did a spot of shopping around with my lovely mum. I found these Little Mermaid leggings 
that I was just dying to call my own...but I just couldn't purchase them. I love the idea of Little Mermaid leggings, but sadly they wouldn't work with my daily wardrobe. :/

 photo 25efd2df-3f5e-4d9d-94ea-9e0c55696048_zps5df4b0e9.jpg

 photo f0e53529-81a1-4f0a-b1b7-50beb7d386a4_zps699413ba.jpg  photo 2466ae04-498c-4b24-8e56-7660078a6a41_zps66a78e45.jpg

 photo 4f4af2ad-b54e-49f7-89fd-17c20fd555c6_zpsf99d3857.jpg

 photo fabba067-808d-41ec-bc75-6e5b4015ac02_zpsf3670ddb.jpg

So those are some of my favorite costumes or some of the more extreme ones. I just love
how passionate people are about making their costume exactly the way they want it. They must spend
 hours upon hours perfecting their costume..and I admire them for that! I love the fantasy aspect
of Gen Con and how everyone seems so happy.

As I said earlier, I would love to go to Gen Con next year and dress up in cosplay.
 The mission..? Find someone who will dress up with me! haha (:

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I know it's a bit more 'out there' or different, but I like to write 
about new things sometimes! Also, have any of you ever dressed up in cosplay?

Au revoir,

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