Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review: BA Star Makeup

Hello lovelies! I hope you are all doing well.

I recently received a sample from the brand BA Star Makeup. As soon as
I opened the package, I knew that this Zebra lipgloss was right up my street.

BA Star is a makeup company that the majority of cheerleaders, dancers, and performers know
and love...and now I see why! The products have really appealing packaging, amazing products,  and the company is extremely friendly.

Pick up your own zebra lipgloss here! http://www.bastar.com/product_p/lg2p.htm

Here is a swatch of just the lipgloss. I love the multi-color glitter in the gloss, and I was so pleasantly
surprised that the glitter does not have the 'chunky' glitter like most other lipglosses have.

As for the appearance of the gloss, I love to wear it to events such as football game because the gloss
 is so shiny! Personally, I'm not one to wear lipgloss daily, but this lipgloss is so easy on the lips 
that it could be worn daily. 

 The gloss is very long lasting. I wore it to a football game last night, and I was shocked that it
had such amazing staying power! The gloss was still in place and looked great by the end of
the game!

This is what the gloss looks like on the lips. I love that the glitter is noticeable, but not
 too glitzy for day time. 

I absolutely LOVE wearing this clear gloss over a matte lipstick. A high shine lip that will stay in place
 is really difficult to achieve. With this gloss, you don't have to worry about your lip products 
sliding down your face!

And here is a photo to show you all that this product looks great for every day makeup. (:

So in conclusion, I absolutely love this zebra lipgloss from BA Star Makeup. It is extremely
versatile and easy to wear. I highly recommend this company.

Are you interested in purchasing some BA Star products?
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The Code is: BBDUST

Also, please check out their amazing shadows! They are absolutely gorgeous!

Au revoir,

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  1. Nice post the lipgloss looks lovely on you, especially over the lipsticks :)
    Meg xx


  2. The lip gloss looks amazing over the lipstick and really suits you!

    Lovely blog, now following!


    1. Thank you Amelia! I am now following you. (: x

  3. That looks like such a cute lipgloss, it really suits you. The lipstick colour you wore underneath it looks lovely too. :)

  4. I love this so natural and your super pretty btw! <3


  5. What a pretty gloss, it looks so natural too.
    Mia xo


  6. I also reviewed this product. It looks great on you! You have such a cute shape lips.