Friday, November 8, 2013

Outfit Of The Day: Thigh Highs and Leather

Hello lovelies! It's finally the weekend...TGIF! (:
So the title of this post: "Thigh Highs and Leather" probably freaked you out a bit! worries! This outfit isn't as crazy as it sounds, haha!

Today I stepped out of my comfort zone by experimenting with thigh highs, and I have 
fallen in love. Thigh highs are a nice alternative to full tights; as much as I love tights, 
they aren't always the most comfortable option. 

To accentuate my thigh highs, I added these beautiful heeled suede boots. I got the deal of a lifetime
 on these bad boys: $10 on clearance and they are real suede...BARGAINOUS OR WHAT?! I didn't think they were suede at first because they are just a simple pair from Target, but I investigated them and was so extremely pleased to find out that they are suede. I absolutely adore these boots; they are appropriate for daytime while still being intriguing. At first, these boots were not the most comfortable shoes in the world, but I've finally broken them in after a couple weeks. I have found that they are my go-to shoes at the moment!

What do you's the same scarf from my last outfit post! Whoops ;)
I just adore the print and scarves are always one of my favorite accessories for autumn. 

All together, this outfit is an accurate representation of my fall wardrobe.. 
a lot of black, boots, and layering! I posed for these photos next to a gorgeous tree because 
I just love, love, love the vibrant red color of the leaves during this time of year!

Black V Neck: It's an old staple I've had for a while! 
Scarf: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: Target
Knee Highs: Burlington's, Brand: Steve Madden
Boots: Target
Belt: American Eagle
Leather Jacket: TJ Maxx

Please let me know what your fall staples are and how you are styling them! (: